Return Policy

Returns & Refunds

Exceptional customer service is a top priority for us here at Exclusive Equine. For this reason, we are happy to accept returned products if you have changed your mind on style or colour (excluding saddles), or if the product is ill fitting. All items come with a warranty (dependent on the product), and guidelines outlined by the warranty will be met when exchanging products with faulty material or workmanship.

Conditions of Exchange

Items must be returned to Exclusive Equine within 14 days of receiving the product. Items must be in original and saleable condition. The cost of return shipping is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Returns will be given the option of exchange or store credit to the value of the item/s originally purchased. Exclusive Equine will provide the exchange for a different size, style and colour given the items chosen are in stock. Exclusive Equine will not exchange for items lost in transit on return to us.​

Returns and exchanges may be shipped to:

Exclusive Equine 

Attn: Returns

59 Golden Meadow Road

Barrie, ON L4N 7G5



Fitting Policy:

At Exclusive Equine, we prioritize the correct fit of both horse and rider to ensure optimal comfort and performance. To uphold our commitment to quality and precision, we adhere to the following fitting policy:

  1. Assessment by Certified Independent Contractor: The correct saddle fit for the horse and rider will be assessed and determined by an Exclusive Equine certified independent contractor. This assessment will take place while the horse is both standing and being ridden.

  2. Tracing Process: Our fitters employ a tracing method to obtain accurate measurements. These tracings serve as the basis for our bespoke saddle models, ensuring a tailored fit for each individual horse and rider.

  3. Body Changes: We understand that horses undergo changes in body shape over time. If significant body changes occur between the initial fitting/tracing and the delivery of the saddle, Exclusive Equine cannot be held accountable. In such cases, we offer a 30% restocking fee, excluding HST.

  4. Responsibility for Mistakes: If a discrepancy arises due to an error on the part of Exclusive Equine during the initial fitting or tracing process, we take full responsibility. In such instances, we will remake your saddle at no additional cost.

Extended Fit Policy: Due to training styles change, and horses’ bodies change over time, custom saddles are guaranteed to fit what is presented at the time of the fitting only. Exclusive Equine does not guarantee the fit of the saddle for the life of the saddle. Any questions about the initial fit of the saddle that cannot be addressed by the independent contractor need to be brought to the attention of Exclusive Equine through the independent contractor at the time of the recheck fitting. Regular maintenance may be required to ensure proper saddle fit for the life of the saddle. Exclusive Equine does not guarantee the fit of the saddle after the first recheck fitting.

Deposit Required: The client is obliged to pay a pre- payment value of 50% of the custom saddle MSRP. The ordered saddle will only be released into production after the pre-payment has been made and then the terms of delivery begin. The purchase price is due upon invoice and must be paid before the saddle ships to the consumer.

Saddle order modifications: Exclusive Equine can make changes to an order within 48 hours of the order being submitted. A change to price and lead time may be caused by altering an order.  An Exclusive Equine independent contractor will contact the consumer to note and confirm any changes.

Cancellation Policy: Exclusive Equine can only accept cancellations within 24 hours (1 business day) of the order being signed. After the 24hr period has concluded the buyer in effect waves their option to cancel the order and are obligated to pay the balance upon completion. Orders signed on a Friday must be canceled by 5pm the following Monday. All cancelations must be submitted in written form.

Lead Times: At the time the order is submitted a lead time may be given. This is only an estimate. Because pieces are handmade to order, and shipping/customs delays are out of our control, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates. The lead time does not begin until an order is confirmed with Exclusive Equine.

Upon Completion: Saddle will not be delivered until any invoice due has been paid in full. The saddle will remain the property of Exclusive Equine until the purchase price has been paid in full.

Upon Delivery: It is the customers responsibility to inspect their saddle at the time of delivery. If there is anything incorrect or the saddle has been damaged during shipping, this is the only time customer will be able to address these specific issues. Inquiries regarding product damaged in shipping be sent to Please contact your saddle fitter who placed the order to address any concerns about product that may have been ordered arrived incorrectly. 

After inspecting the saddle the customer will ride in the saddle for approximately 20hrs. This will allow the wool to settle for a proper saddle fit. It may not be possible to assess the proper fit of a new saddle until after this break in period. Call your Exclusive Equine independent contractor within 7 days of receiving the saddle to make an appointment for the first recheck fitting. If through no fault of the independent contractor, the horse and/or rider are not available for a recheck fitting within 6 weeks of receipt of the saddle, the client assumes responsibility for the fit, and waives the fitting guarantee by Exclusive Equine.

Saddle recheck service: A new saddle will settle after about 20 hours of riding, then the saddle should be checked by a Exclusive Equine certified independent contractor. If necessary, the saddle may need to be flocked or adjusted. This initial saddle adjustment is a normal part of the fitting process and ensures the most accurate fit after delivery.

Not all certified Exclusive Equine independent contractors adjust saddles on site. The new saddle may need to be delivered to our workshop for adjustments after being assessed by the independent contractor. This service is complementary to the customer at the time of the first recheck appointment.

Additional recheck appointments may be recommended by the Exclusive Equine independent contractor to ensure future saddle fit. This service is offered and performed by the Exclusive Equine independent contractor, as part of their customer service, and not a service by Exclusive Equine.  Any charges for additional appointments and repair services are between the consumer and the independent contractor.

Recheck fitting services are not guaranteed or a part of any agreement for customers in states/territories where there is no Exclusive Equine certified independent contractor.

If the customer moves out of their Exclusive Equine independent contractor’s region before the saddle is delivered, the recheck fitting may be performed by another certified Exclusive Equine Independent Contractor if there is one available in the new area. There may be a charge for the recheck fitting. Any scheduling and fees to be paid are to be determined by the customer and the independent contractor in the new area.

Fitting adjustments after the first recheck appointment are not included as part of this sale and are not the responsibility of Exclusive Equine. Exclusive Equine itself does not provide nor is it responsible for fitting the saddle after the first recheck appointment.

Variance disclaimer: All our materials are variable and subject to change. Each of our products is unique and is subject to variation in color, characterization, texture etc. Because each piece is unique, please review other examples of our work to confirm you are comfortable with the potential variation. As is typical of custom pieces, Exclusive Equine reserves the right to alter designs to improve a piece’s stability or function. Please allow for a dimensional tolerance of 1cm on every piece.

Warranty: All leather goods carry a one-year warranty guaranteeing the workmanship and that the product is free of material defects. The Kentaur/Maurel tree has a 5yr warranty covering manufacturing defects, or material failure. Saddle manufactures are not responsible for, and no warranty is extended to cover normal wear, damages made by neglect or misuse of the product. Exclusive Equine does not warranty or guarantee the fit of a custom made saddle after the first recheck fitting. Any modifications made to a Exclusive Equine saddle by a uncertified repair person voids this warranty. All warranty claims are to be submitted through a Exclusive Equine independent contractor when one is available. The scope of the repair will be determined by the independent contractor and Exclusive Equine and may result in the saddle being sent to our repair center. Shipping will be provided by Exclusive Equine. Warranty claims should be submitted to Exclusive Equine as soon as possible in written form with attached pictures to document the case.

Safety: Horse activities are inherently dangerous, the customer accepts that the manufacturers, distributors, and Exclusive Equine’s independent contractors do not accept any responsibilities for injury, death, lameness, or damages resulting from the use or misuse of Exclusive Equine products. For many reasons, horses may become sore in their bodies. When a customer suspects that their saddle is causing soreness or discomfort; it is the customers responsibility to immediately discontinue use of the saddle and contact a certified Exclusive Equine independent contractor. Exclusive Equine is not responsible for injury or soreness due to the owner’s failure to immediately discontinue use of the saddle, or for problems which may be related to pre-existing conditions.

Refund Policy: Exclusive Equine saddles are made specifically for the customer and are final sale and non-returnable or refundable. Used/Demo saddles over $1500.00 may be refunded if returned to Exclusive Equine within 10 days of delivery minus a $350 restocking fee.

Exclusive Equine stands behind their products and partnered independent contractors. Exclusive Equine will exhaust all options to provide the customer with a product that fits the horse and rider to their standards before considering a refund. If the agreed resolution results in a refund a 30% restocking fee will be charged for any refunds given on custom ordered saddles.

If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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